You could hook up lights or maybe an audio system to the switch, and wake your girlfriend up via wifi connection. Click Find iPhone Click โ€œAll Devicesโ€ on top center of the screen. They can also be scheduled, so they can turn on/off whenever you want. In this way, you can lock the device when your kids are at the school, in bed, or while studying. With ADT you can arm and disarm your security system remotely from your phone. After taking your iPhone out of the box, press and hold the Sleep/Wake button at the top-right edge. So, when you forget to turn off your computer manually, you can command your iPhone to do it for you. After that tap on the red sign next to the alarm you want to delete and finally tap on Delete. Deleting an Alarm Just go to the alarm menu if you want to delete an alarm on the iPhone X,. Follow these steps to turn off Find My iPhone/MAC: Using a desktop or laptop computer, go to iCloud and sign in to your account with your Apple ID and password. This wonโ€™t work from an iOS deviceโ€™s internet browser; iCloudโ€™s desktop version isnโ€™t friendly on mobile. If you don't want your alarm going off unless you purposefully set it beforehand, skip this step. Do make sure that you use a finger that has its print registered with Touch ID. If you want to use Alexa without having to be in the same room, youโ€™re in luck. Press the Home button to abort the iPhoneโ€™s wake up call without needing to look at the device. Turning off iCloud turns off all iCloud features on the device. An issue with Apple's latest iOS software allows users to send a specific string of characters via text to shut down an iPhone remotely. Then select on the Edit sign on the top left hand corner of the screen. But you can also turn off everything but the calling feature if you wish. Step 5: Turn Off Find My iPhone Option #1: Erase iPhone. TIP: Clicking or tapping on the banner in the area displaying the alarmโ€™s details also stops the alert, while also opening the Alarm tab of the Alarms & Clock app. Turning Off an Alarm Touch and swipe the toggle to turn OFF an alarm. The only way is to turn the device off completely. How to turn the alarm on and off on a iPhone 8 / 8 Plus. That particular alarm isnโ€™t actually on the Apple Watch, but you have the option of snoozing or dismissing the alarm remotely. Note that you can also change the alarm's Sounds & Haptics , โ€ฆ But, there are multiple easy ways to do it and we'll show you how. โ€œFind My iPhoneโ€ is an extremely useful feature created to make it easy to find a lost iPhone. If you have an iPhone, I know one example is iDevices. If youโ€™ve already got an alarm set up for a specific time, you can turn it on with a command like โ€œTurn on my 7 am alarm.โ€ To delete an alarm, say something like โ€œDelete my 6 am alarm.โ€ To turn off an alarm, try โ€œTurn off my 9 am alarm.โ€ To modify an alarm, use โ€œChange my alarm to 7 am.โ€ Switch off the device. Learn more about other remote home monitoring features from ADT. Step 1: Download the FamiSafe app. The iDevice should be offline if the process needs to be complete. The remote alarm management feature is only one wayโ€”from the iPhone to the Apple Watch. How to turn on, off, and delete an alarm on an iPhone 7. iOS 10.0.1Instagram: How to turn the alarm on and off on a iPhone 6s iPhone 6s Playlist: How to remove alarms in Windows 10. Help Locate a Lost iPhone by Making it Beep Sounds via iCloud. Once you do so, Bedtime will be off, and you wonโ€™t have any notifications or alarms related to it. Label - Assign a name to your alarm. It is saved in case you want to use it again at another time. This is not required, swiping to unlock the iPhone stops the alarm. How to turn off iPhones. This feature which is found in iOS and Mac OS โ€ฆ Use the same Apple ID and password linked to the Apple Device. Stop iPhone Alarm Without Tapping The Display Thereโ€™s a shortcut for the Stop button too. Simply triple-clicking the Home button won't automatically turn off Voice Over. iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch and Mac, all in one place. The only solution to get rid of it on your iOS device is to Reset All Settings. Click Find iPhone Click โ€œAll Devicesโ€ on top center of the screen. To turn off the alarm, simply wave your hand across the iPhone's front camera. You can accomplish this by enabling Downtime in the OS. So, to turn off an iPhone X: Press and hold the Side and Volume Down buttons at the same time. Turn off Activation Lock on a device If you forgot to turn off Find My [device] before you sold or gave away your iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Mac, or Apple Watch, you can turn off Activation Lock using Find My iPhone on While the physical button remains the primary means to turn off an iPhone, there is also a way to power it off inside iOS. The famous Apple logo should show up on your screen, followed a few seconds later by a stunning image of Earth. Another way to turn Bedtime off is to navigate to the dedicated Bedtime pane. To turn the device off, press and hold the Sleep/Wake button again until a red arrow appears at the top of the screen. Turn Off Find my iPhone Remotely With the help of PC. Move the slider from left-to-right to shut down the phone. Below the time section, you can customize your alarm by tapping the following options: Repeat - Tap each day on which you want your alarm to go off. How to Remotely Control and Access Amazon Alexa. How to Hard Reset an iPhone 8 and Older . To make Android more user friendly, a lot of apps are being developed to run on this OS. Head over to and login to your Apple ID, or launch the Find My iPhone app on another iOS device; Choose โ€œFind My iPhoneโ€ and let the service locate your missing iOS device; Select the device on the map, then click the (i) button to summon more information about the device Sure, you can turn it off, but still, it will not go away. Unlike iPhones before it, turning off the iPhone X requires a bit of know-how. If you gave the device to somebody else to use on their own cellular service, youโ€™ll want to โ€œEraseโ€ it from the device information window that pops up, which will effectively remove Find My iPhone and Activation Lock in the process. If your device is connected to the internet, then it should appear on a map. The way you turn off or restart your iPhone X, iPhone 11 or iPhone 12 has changed from earlier iPhones. With the help of certain apps, you can use your iPhone as a remote control for your PC. To turn VoiceOver back on, triple-click the Home button once more. Select the device you want to remove from iCloud. Use the same Apple ID and password linked to the Apple Device. When the alarm goes off, you can turn it off by swiping on the lock screen. As the โ€˜best-selling undetectable monitoring software,โ€™ it works really well to gather all of the information off the target phone that youโ€™re looking for. Tip: This trick works only for iPHone 5S and later devices. You will hear โ€œVoiceOver is on.โ€ If you have multiple options assigned to triple-click (such as Voice Over, Assistive Touch, etc. Setting the timer is an easy processโ€”just turn the wheel to the designated time and press the large play button to start. With iOS 11 or higher, navigate to Settings > General > Shut Down . Located in the Screen Time settings, Downtime makes an iPhone more like a regular phone: Kids can still call, text, FaceTime, and use any apps that you allow, such as a music-streaming app. Select your device to Turn Off Find My iPhone Remotely. Firstly, you need to download the parental control iPhone app on both the devices. To start with, let's learn how to set the parental lock on the iPhone remotely. There, youโ€™ll see your schedule along with the sleep analysis underneath. Follow these steps instead. Since the next screen is the Passcode screen, quite a few people tend to enter the passcode. If you enabled Find My iPhone, then yes it is. ), you'll need to select which one you want to turn off. Remote Support iPhone the Easy Way-Preferred System Requirement: For this trick to work, the person with the iOS device needs to have a Mac running Yosemite and an iPhone โ€ฆ Select the device you want to remove from iCloud. Wait for the power-off slider to appear. When you use this feature, you are able to see the location of your lost device on a map, lock the phone remotely, wipe all of the contents on it, or send a message to the phone that encourages the person who found it to return it. check out the playlist for more tutorials. Once you set up the Bedtime alarm for the first time, it will permanently show up in the Alarm section of the Clock app. In other words, you canโ€™t snooze or dismiss alarms set on Apple Watch from the paired iPhone. This is how you can remotely turn off Android smartphones/tablets by sending a SMS. Tap Done to finish. Alternately, scroll down and switch off the toggle next to Wake Up Alarm. You can interact with your Echo device from afar to chat with Alexa. Itโ€™s also compatible with both Android and iPhone platforms. You can then remotely turn on the switch (from wherever), which will turn on the appliance. Let me show you how. Follow these steps to turn off Find My iPhone/MAC: Using a desktop or laptop computer, go to iCloud and sign in to your account with your Apple ID and password. Go to iCloud and enter your Apple ID, then click on the icon that looks like a radar. Even if you set an alarm to work Only once, it doesnโ€™t get removed from the Alarm tab when it is done. All you have to do to turn Bedtime off is simply toggle the switch on the right. Android is the most popular and widely used operating system in the world, which offers a lot of features to its users. If youโ€™ve an iPhone 5s, then you can use Touch ID to turn it off. Spyera ( is another company where you can monitor cellphone access and remotely turn on microphones. Here in this article I am going to show you how to turn off Find My iPhone service on your Apple device, which lets you keep track of all your devices i.e. Turn Off iPhone Alarm. Customize your alarm's other settings.