“Oh, it was great, but it kinda stuck to the fryin’ pan.”. The probes didn’t go into the receptacles far enough for the grills to heat up sufficiently to bake lefse. Prompt delivery. © 2005 - 2020 Lefse Time, Inc.. All rights reserved. So I came to believe that a world with two kinds of lefse was a pretty good place. Einar had to have lefse! At that time, allow the probe to cool down for 30 minutes before re-using. !”, At a family dinner, someone asked each of us to name our all-time favorite, couldn’t-live-without food. 6. Sunday, May 7, we Weflen siblings and Mary Jane’s daughter gathered for a backyard picnic to celebrate. Fer sure! You may have noticed I took a break from blogging and The Lefse & Lutefisk News for the last month. We grow heirloom potatoes, so why not experiment? However, the more I thought about it, the more I liked the idea of a unique puzzle —a lefse jigsaw puzzle! Prepping your rolling pin cover is a lot like prepping your pastry cloth, just rub in lots of flour until the cloth is saturated. I believe that making just one kind of lefse doesn’t really account for the incredible diversity in potatoes. So …. She responded that Bethany did not have old controls, but new controls work in older grills “with a slight modification.” Here’s how to modify your old grill for a new probe (see photo opening this blog): This allows the new probe control to fit deeper into the receptacle and supply full power for a 500-degree grill. This recording of two, 30-minute TV shows last spring was about lefse. This is where the challenge begins. Cover a grooved rolling pin with a cloth sock. This was just after Dad returned from serving in the U.S. Army in the Philippines. You need to send the grill and the probe control to Bethany, who will replace the larger probe with a smaller one. ! Potato ricer or food mill. When Mom would wet this lefse and let it soften between towels for a few minutes, I ate it and loved it. A grooved lefse rolling pin, rather than a smooth rolling pin that you would use for pie crust. And dontcha know, it’s pretty darn good! The interview went well, and the time flew by. Once soft, drain water and set aside. Use it if it makes sense to you. — that helps the whole family learn about lefse equipment and some of the steps in making lefse. Roll without using a sock on the rolling pin. Work the flour in with a pastry cutter. Steam the Vitelotte Noir potatoes whole in their jackets. Gary’s note: The previous blog on purple lefse makes it clear that Canadian Chuck Hays dances to a different drummer than most lefse makers. 1. And that’s how it happened that the one and only “Let’s Make Lefse!” puzzle is now for sale at www.lefseking.com. Divide logs into 8 pieces. The day I attended, there were 270,426 visitors, which set the one-day attendance record. Don’t use a sock on the rolling pin. I got the distinct feeling that it was the kind of thing you needed to learn by watching your Norwegian grandmother. Our Lefse rolling pin is hand turned with the prerequisite corrugation. Vitelotte Noir is a smallish to medium, usually very knobby spud. When I was a kid in Oregon’s Willamette Valley, I thought I knew what lefse was. Thank you for subscribing to the newsletter! And courtesy of Gary Legwold and his lefse books, I know there are many more than just two kinds of lefse. From time to time my thoughts turned to the similarities between deck building and lefse making, of course, and here are my top five: That was the question posed during a small gathering of friends and family in our living room last spring. "91 Ways to Serve Lefse": a unique compendium of ideas of how to serve lefse. As Jane and I teamed up on last Christmas season’s obstinate puzzle, I said jokingly to her that there should be a lefse jigsaw puzzle. She was wielding a lefse stick. You can just cut an old CLEAN sock and slide it over the rolling pin. Hmmm … . Don’t knead. The wood/coal burner flanked four gas burners. 5. Mary Jane would have, in her words, “loved it all to pieces.” A slideshow beforehand featured an epitaph and portrait of Mary Jane smiling joyously. It also creates the special markings associated with Lefse. Then Sunday I brought the fresh lefse to Corinthian Cemetery in Farmington, Minnesota. I like that, and I really like how Chuck brings his individuality to lefse making with these eight “outside the box” tips he uses with this recipe: ¼ to 3/8 cup milk, depending on how dry potatoes are. The grill is OK; it can handle it. And the Lefse Chip (a strip of fried, salted lefse) was a tasty touch. But weeks later when I received the link to the edited video, I didn’t open it for days. ... Bethany Housewares Lefse Rolling Pin, Square Cut 4.8 out of 5 stars 58. The only socks I had were the ones I put on my feet. Thermometer that reads in the 160° range . Roll as large as a pizza, as thin as a crepe. Minneapolis, Minnesota 55419, Replacement Probe Control for Lefse Grill. Wash with unscented detergent and air dry. You need a flat surface, a Rolling Pin, and something to cover the rolling pin. 2 3/4" x 17 1/4". Lefse grill. She loves them, staying up late and rising early until the puzzle is done. Violet rolled the lefse, and Mom baked it using the sharpened window shade bottom “slat” for a lefse stick. Dust out all the flour with a stiff bristled brush before washing in warm soapy water, allow to air dry completely. Using this 100% cotton stretchable cover on your 15" pastry or lefse rolling pin makes rolling out dough--well--easy as pie! Pastry cloths and grooved rolling pins, lefse turning sticks and griddles, not to mention talk of a pastry sock. Mary Ellen Zagrabelny, host of Merry’s Eclectic Interests on cable (CCX Create), started asking me about my beginnings with lefse and how lefse has been my muse. Rolling Pin quantity. In my family, lefse was Vestlandslefse — hard, cracker like, dry. Sign up for our FREE newsletter to learn about new products, promotions and lefse availability! Rolling pin and sock. You celebrate a corner piece, the establishment of your border, the coupling of that sneaky, amoeba-shaped piece that has tricked and eluded you for hours. Years later as an adult, I went looking for lefse in a grocery store and found Mrs. Olson’s in the cooler. “Oh, yeah, well there’s our lefse,” she explained, “and then people in the Midwest make it with potatoes.”. Also lefse rolling pins have grooves to prevent sticking, but many people improvise by using a smooth pin covered with a sock. Jigsaw Puzzle $ 22.95 Add to cart Rolling pin covers:2 all-cotton stretchable rolling pin covers that fit snugly over the rolling pin from end to end. These work fine, but the wider 1 1/2" sticks make things a little easier. Easy rolling action. It’ll calm you down and help you figure things out — or at least help to put the problem aside so you can come back to it fresh. Reviews (0) Description. When you’re flummoxed by life, make lefse. Hey, with purple lefse I’m already going across the grain on tradition, so I might as well go all in. 8 Unconventional Tips for Making Purple Lefse, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nwcPJNHVD-c. Our family did not make lefse for Thanksgiving. With so many pieces of the puzzle, it can seem overwhelming. If you’ve had your lefse grill for a while, you may have had this problem. Most lefse bakers use the pin covers like disposables because once the dough gets into the cloth it is difficult to launder it out. With lefse making and jigsaw puzzles, you can easily slip into a blissful time when your mind is devoted to just … one … thing. The process for rolling and grilling the lefse is the same for both the traditional and instant recipes. So I made a batch of lefse for her 58th birthday. lefse is a. Margaret (mom) has been making lefse' since i can remember. Time slips away as you deliberately test your eye and memory. Without hesitation, Mary Jane said: “Lefse!”. I took it home and tried it. I would come up short, once again. I did so, and then clicked on the link. 100% cotton stretch knit to fit standard rolling pins. Consider the lefse from the extra 2/3 of a batch to be a bonus blessing from the Lefse Goddess. Combining a bit of lefse and lutefisk, I leave you with this cheer that was a rouser when our high school teams opposed the Greyhounds from Fosston, a town 17 miles west of Bagley. Perhaps inspired by the Uffda Ale, I held up my latest book, Keep on Rolling!, and said in a very loud voice, “Boy, this sure looks like a great book!” Bonnie turned from making a lefse rollup. I’ve been reading The Last Word On Lutefisk, which brought back memories. Heck, there are lots of excellent lefse makers who could call themselves kings and queens, but they don’t because they are reserved Scandinavians who find people that tag themselves with titles to be suspect. And we stacked up enough lefse to wrap and save for Thanksgiving dinner. How did learning to make this simple flatbread feed the writing of two lefse books, the teaching of lefse classes, the developing of the Lefse Trail, and the promoting of all things lefse with sales of related products on LefseKing.com? These rolling pin covers help keep the dough from sticking to your rolling pin. At a Lakselaget luncheon this past February, Gary Legwold spoke about lefse and his book Keep on Rolling! Keep On Rolling! Anything that makes me willing to make lefse more often is good. The weight of a large rolling pin is nearly enough. 1 Lefse-Loving Lady. We agreed that everyone has an uppity attitude about something. They were also selling my two lefse books; Jacobs is featured in both. Life on the Lefse Trail and Learning to Get a Round $ 16.95 Add to cart; Final Rounds: On Love, Loss, Life, and Lefse $ 17.95 Add to cart; Lefse Earrings $ 11.00 Add to cart; Let’s Make Lefse! We made 12 batches for my wedding! Scrub them well and put them in a steamer pan over boiling water until they test done. I called Mom. With the shield in its more central position, re-tighten the screws. Drop items here to shop. I was hooked on lefse from that point on. Additional information. Make a breakfast lefse with scrambled eggs and bacon. Cut … Fast forward a few decades, and I make much more potato lefse than Vestlandslefse or Hardanger lefse. My recipe makes 8 to 10 rounds. A rolling pin cover is a long tube of stretchable cloth, like a sock open at both ends, made of cotton. 8. Frankly, I had my doubts about this beer, that it would turn out to be a gimmicky embarrassment to all of us who honor all things lefse. I am giving you two hot lefse-baking tips — hot, as in temperatures of up to 500 degrees F — that allow you to get full power to your most valuable lefse-making tool, your grill, and to prolong its life. We can beat those Greyhounds He used his GI bill to build the store. I bought new probe controls for my old grills, but the new probe controls didn’t fit snugly into the receptacles of the old grills. The barrel has the needed corrugation to get the dough nice and thin with no air pockets. Easy to use, just stretch over your favorite rolling pin! How did I look? Be the first to review “Rolling Pin” Cancel reply. One of my Norwegian friends rolled a round of my purple lefse with butter and sugar, shrugged, and took a bite. So I emailed Roxie, asking if Bethany carried controls that would fit old models. It is not waxy, it can be boiled or steamed, and it will be dry — not gummy — when mashed. Shake excess flour off the board. it is wonderful hope this video helps those brave enough to try making it. You can just cut an old CLEAN sock and slide it over the rolling pin. Package of 2 and fully machine washable. After I enjoyed my first Uffda Ale made with lefse, I just had to visit my friends at the Jacobs Lefse Bakeri & Gifts booth. Two reasons: First, it’s the low lefse season, and all’s quiet on the lefse front. You doggone right we will! This keeps the dough softer, without allowing for the ultimate gluten development. You’ll see two screws that secure the aluminum shield wrapping around the receptacle into which the probe control fits. It was actually a good, smooth beer that went down easily and benefitted from the zing of a handful of added lingonberries. Bethany Housewares 730 Heritage Lefse Grill - Plain Aluminum 4.5 out of 5 stars 139. Uffda Ale is a new brew made by Beaver Island Brewing, and it was sold at Giggles’ Campfire Grill at the southeast corner of Lee Avenue and Cooper Street, at the North Woods. It is a Norwegian flat bread, made from potatoes and flour, that is rolled out and fried on a flat grill. And then I thought of lefse. The rest of the family is less hardcore, so we liked that the 504-piece puzzle was challenging yet not overpowering. What makes a good lefse potato? BTW, those five potatoes pictured above made enough ground spuds for 1 2/3 batches using my recipe. Try olive oil. It goes: Lutefisk and lefse Ingredients: Russet potatoes White flour Butter Salt It was really fun! Roxie advised to include a note in the shipping box that has your name, address, phone number, and a brief description of what you would like done. Prepare the pastry board and rolling pin with flour. If bubbles emerge, pat them down. Second, my son, Ben Legwold, his future father-in-law, Kou Vang, and I just finished a 16’ x 20’ deck that attaches to his new house here in the Twin Cities. We hope you enjoy shopping at Lefse Time, Inc. One woman came into our store and saw the tubs of lutefisk. $35.27. Lefse turning stick; The kids called out “Open griddle!” whenever a hot grill stood empty for a moment too long. I like to say it has a face only another potato could love. Lefse can be filled with savory fillings like tuna salad or chicken salad for a quick lunch. We picnicked on lefse — rolled up with unsalted butter and brown sugar, just how Mary Jane loved her lefse. I married Sharon Gilbertson, who I miss as she has passed on. Most often, we disguised ourselves as witches. What saved the store was they were able to obtain a 3.2 beer license — the only one in Clearwater County — that allowed beer sales after noon on Sundays. 20” in length, barrel rolling area is approx. We have people get together as a family and bake for eight hours. Washable and last a long, long time. Mary Jane and I belonged to a Norwegian-American scholarship organization called Lakselaget, aka the salmon club of “women who swim against the current.” An American Sign Language interpreter, Mary Jane orchestrated and interpreted a memorable Lakselaget presentation by a deaf professor. I demonstrated how to roll lefse. Because of our sister Mary Jane’s well-known open-heartedness, we knew she would have trouble coming up with a sense of superiority about anything. She asked what it was. Cook on a lefse griddle or electric pizza maker. We unanimously rejected all of her proposed persnicketiness — until she declared herself to be a snob about lefse. I am also a reserved Scandinavian, but I go with the title because when I registered for a domain name, Lefse King (www.lefseking.com) was available when other lefse names were taken. My grandmother and mother taught me to make lefse years ago. Using a lefse stick or a long flat stick or long thin spatula roll the raw lefse around the stick and then unroll onto a HOT griddle (450 degrees) Flip once the first side starts to form bubbles and is lightly browned or freckled. In this case, the solution is to replace the larger probes. And of course, the persistent question with me no matter what I do: Would I be perfect — and when I’m not, would I be OK with “pretty darn good”? She didn’t recognize me and turned back to her work, probably thinking I was a kook. I’ve lately joined the “No Chill” movement. We've tried many ways to streamline the process but still find that a heavy rolling pin covered with a sock is the best method. These covers help ensure that extra flour doesn't get into the dough. With a touch of indignation in her tone, she insisted: “You cannot make real lefse with instant mashed potatoes!”. But it wasn’t! They were selling all things lefse and some almond cookies that are so good they make you want to find a quiet corner and eat all six in the bag. I place an old piece of countertop on the stove under my griddle. Alternate probes may be used to continue baking.”. In the “How to Use Your New Grill” section of the Bethany Heritage Grill instructions, it reads: “It is not recommended that the probe control be used continuously for periods of more than 1 ½ hours at maximum temperature. Life on the Lefse Trail and Learning to Get a Round: “If you alternate the controls, you’ll have better luck making your grill last longer. Made from hardwoods. Regency 15" Rolling Pin Covers (2 Pack), 4.6 out of 5 stars 200. “Oh, I don’t know, about 2,000,” she said. When I’m ready to make the lefse, I take out the potato mix and a bag of white flour. Wax paper. Is it too much of a stretch to say that 135,213 (half) of them were there because they had heard of this new lefse beer and just had to try it? Pastry-cloth-covered board. Read more. Cool — don’t chill — potatoes. The fish arrived in short, wooden tubs about the size of a small washtub. I was pretty much out of the house by then, so I didn’t have a “roll model.” I had to go through the “lefse jerky” stage and make lots of “lømpe” before I discovered The Last Word on Lefse and became a convert. “Yah, y’know,” he said looking me in the eye, “it doesn’t taste purple.”. She pulls in me, the kids, and the grandkids, and finishing this thing — fueled by lefse and tea — becomes the Christmas Quest. That’s enough for two lefse lovers to have two rounds with supper, two with butter and sugar for dessert, and some rounds left for scrambled-egg-and-bacon lefse wraps for breakfast. We ate plenty of lefse while we worked. And of course, it has good potato flavour. Use care to press lightly with rolling pin when forming into rounds as they are much more tender than pie dough. Occasionally, I get a piece of potato stuck in the pin, so I stop and pick it out. Before leaving, I asked Bonnie how many lefse rounds Jacobs sells a day at the Fair. 7. Gammelost and sill But our lefse-making tradition will hold. I obtained degrees in biology and chemistry education. Some lefse cooks like to use rolling pin covers with the corrugated pins. 6. Approx 15" long. Weight: 48 oz: Dimensions: 4 × 4 × 14 in: Reviews There are no reviews yet. Hot Tip #2: Modify your old grill for a new control probe. Joanne immediately recognized me and smiled as she approached. Ah, but I have put up with this voice of perfectionism, the Great Oppressor, for years, and I know enough to talk back to this bad boy. Have two controls; we sell just the control separately. alternatively, you could use a new, clean tube sock. Lefse sticks. Not only am I a lefse maker, but I am also a journalism professor at Thompson Rivers University in Kamloops, British Columbia, and an organic farmer who has carried on a lifelong love affair with the potato. sales of related products on LefseKing.com. Put a different control in every hour, and let the other one cool off. 4. The 15-Inch Rolling Pin Covers are a highly convenient tool for rolling dough in a non-sticky way. Prepping your rolling pin cover is a lot like prepping your pastry cloth, just rub in lots of flour until the cloth is saturated. Jacobs Lefse. Lefse grill Lefse sticks Rolling pin and sock Pastry cloth covered board Potato ricer Potato masher Ice Cream Scoop that measures about 1/3 cup Large piece of plastic, like a garbage bag split open Terry Towels Ziplock bags for storing the finished product. “Do you think the kids will know what you are supposed to be?” I said, laughing. State Fair Hangover: Lefse Beer & 2,000 Lefse! Roll the patty on a lightly floured pastry cloth, using a lefse rolling pin covered with a lightly floured rolling pin sock. [It’s good to have 2 people do this – one to roll and one to cook. Fun! You’ll need two of these dish towel/wax paper creations – one you’ll use to put lefse on as it comes off the grill, and the other you’ll transfer the lefse … Cut your peeled potatoes 2-3 pieces depending on size and cook until they are tender. Run the hot potatoes through a meat grinder using a small plate (1/8-inch holes), jackets and all. Gary Legwold At the end of the pipe-laying season in November, maintenance personnel stayed to “lay up” the equipment (change oil, drain radiators, etc.) Rolling Pin Covers do not allow dough to stick to the pin and ensure that extra flour doesn't get into the dough; Nonstick coating; Lefse griddle; Rolling pin & cover (we use a tube sock! I compiled four colorful-yet-instructive lefse-making photos, and had a 504-piece sample puzzle made. My mother eventually came around to making potato lefse about the time I graduated from high school. Work additional flour into rounds as needed. Doubters may ask about my recipe: “What part of Norway did that olive oil come from?” For many years I was a practicing vegetarian, vegan denomination. Worked great for lefsa. Amazing! That calmed me, and the cameras rolled. So I winced and went with it because it had a certain ring to it, and it was easy to market. Approx. Large towels. They called it the Hi-Way Store, which was located 1 mile west of Bagley, Minnesota, on U.S. Highway 2. Dad traded guns, rented outboard motors, and sold fishing tackle and minnows (that’s a minnow tank in the picture). I suspect that the wood keeps heat radiating from the 500F griddle from being conducted away by the metal stove. Roll to about the size of a 10 inch tortilla. Related products. Also put a sock type cover on the rolling pin. CDN$52.50. So you shoot for small victories. The title is not hyperbole. That birthday turned out to be Mary Jane’s last. Still, I call myself the reluctant Lefse King and say in the show that I always learn something from every lefse maker I meet. 2 3/4” in diameter and approx. Every Christmas I make lefse, of course, but I also give Jane Legwold, my wife, a 1,000-piece jigsaw puzzle. Inside the skin, we can see the high concentration of the anti-oxidant anthocyanin that makes the potato appear purple and even blue. Bring a large stock pot full of water to a boil. That’s how I roll. Take another heavy dish towel, fold over and on top half of the inside, pin two sheets of wax paper.
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